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Upcoming Shows & Events

The Backroad Clique (Alexandra’s Band)

Lead Guitar: Paul Sayed

Bass: Sean Bonney-Burrill

Drums: Ian Tucksmith

Keys: Aakash Sridhar

Violin: Jody Miller, Lilly Innella

Acoustic night at Midway Cafe
Midway Café
Alexandra Lillian, The Cat Attic, Adam Liebman, FMajor
Union Tavern
Alexandra Lillian at The Bebop
The Bebop
Alexandra Lillian at The Laughing Goat (Boulder, CO)
The Laughing Goat
Alexandra Lillian, Rachel DeeLynn, Amanda McCarthy, Tippecanoe
Thunder Road
Tavern At the End of the World Acoustic Show
Tavern At the End of the World
Alexandra Lillian at The Jungle
The Jungle Community Music Club
Queeraoke Opener at the Midway Cafe
Midway Café
Standout Singer-Songwriters: Aumi Luxe, Mel, and Alexandra Lillian
The Lilypad