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Alexandra Lillian

Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic Guitarist


Her Story

Alexandra Lillian Evans, known professionally by her first and middle name, is a San Francisco-born, Boston-based singer-songwriter who draws inspiration from iconic 20th and 21st-century "women of country" like Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Swift. Alexandra infuses elements of pop country and country rock into her original work, which she states, "comes from the heart."

Growing up, Alexandra garnered almost a decade's worth of performance experience after several loved ones told her she had a singing voice. At age 9, she started pursuing theatre but would shift to guitar and voice lessons at 14. Until age 18, her senior year of high school, Alexandra performed at various music events in her hometown such as school cabaret nights and talent shows, open mic nights, reception-style birthday celebrations and a wedding. After a four-year break from music, Alexandra moved across the country in 2018 to attend Boston University for journalism, though her combined theatrical and musical experience never left her back pocket. The now 23-year-old felt inspired by Boston's music scene and eventually discovered Bristol Studios in early 2019. 

Her songwriting journey began in late April of that year. She took her first two originals, "Arizona Boy" and "Once a Babe" to Bristol, catching producers' attention. Alexandra recorded both songs in May and they were released on all streaming platforms as singles in June. Since the release, “Arizona Boy” has been aired on radio stations and garnered listeners in the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Mauritius, Russia, Philippines, Taiwan, and Australia. Within one week of the initial airing, the song was ranked 4 or more stars out of 6 by several disc jockeys worldwide. The French station FACE2RADIO alone has aired the song over 50 times to date. 

Alexandra's debut EP, “Aesthetics,” was released in September 2019 and features new originals “Smoke Show,” (released as a third single in August) “Adhesive,” and “She Won.” She is currently working on her debut full-length album, "Just Drive," which is set for a spring 2020 release.​​


"Country chose me."

When asked how I chose country music, that's always my answer. As Loretta Lynn once said to the press, "If you write the truth and you're writing about life, it's going to be country."

We know ourselves best, and this is why country music resonated with me in the first place; it is very pure and wholesome. When choosing leisure content (books, movies, or music) I always choose something nonfiction and biographical. I enjoy hearing people's life stories (or those based on real-life happenings) and sharing mine in the hopes that listeners will be able to relate to them, positive or negative.

While my parents exposed my brother and I to a heavy bout of classic rock and I had an undying passion for pop music in my teenage years, my love for country all started with Taylor Swift's earliest records. I was 11 or so when I first started listening to her avidly, and boy, could I relate to her lyrics. She wrote (and continues to write) openly about her life experiences and I was like, "why can't I do the same?" If she and all my other greatest country influences today could move audiences, why couldn't I?

And... I wouldn't be doing all of this without my guitar. Nothing feels better than standing before an audience, singing about life with my acoustic in hand. I can take myself anywhere physically or imaginatively and sometimes it is all I need to make my music sound great.